My soon-to be engaged beauty loved to be kissed. The longer the kiss, the more she moaned. If we were alone she moaned a little louder for my benefit.

Her baggy t-shirt provided me unobstructed access to her perfect breasts. Her diamond hard eraser sized nipples grazed my palms. As my hands held and teased her, Baby threw her head back on the sofa and said louder than normal speaking voice, "Oh Fuck Baby, squeeze my tits! Play with my nipples baby! Oh yes, I love it! Tug on my nipples.!”

I thought to myself that it had been a while and I forgot exactly how loud she could get here in the mountains when no one was around. What I failed to realize was that she was only just revving up.

I slipped her T-shirt from her body and she stood to pull down her comfy pants. I quickly removed my shirt and then her pants as well. I threw them towards the chair beside us as she lay back erotically. Her brown hair splayed out strikingly against the gray cushion of the sofa. One of her lul legs were bent and leaned against the back of the couch, the other draped over the edge of the couch. Her nakedness overwhelmed me as she lay there inviting me to please her exceptional body.

I sat beside and ran my hands over her. She threw her arms over her head, stretched like a cat and purred. I ran my hands along her sides and she moaned loudly. I touched the sides of her breasts and she moaned louder and louder. The air conditioning kicked on and her nipples became more prominent as the cool air hit them. I teased them unmercifully.

"Oh you damned tease, pull them hard baby. Tug on my nipples. Pinch them, squeeze them!!" she screamed out.

I leaned over her fine body and flicked her hard nipple with my tongue.

Her voice rose even louder, "Oh yesssss, lick my nipples, suck them, bite them, tease them and please them you horny son of a bitch! I love your lips on my tits. Oh God don't stop. Suck them Baby, suck them hard for me. Oh, fuck that feels so nice!"

My hands traveled down the side of her body. She shivered at my touch while my tongue played with her tits and nipples. She was moaning and yelling louder to my surprise. When my goddess wants something and she was certainly going to get it.

With every stroke of my hand she shrieked louder and her demands became more explicit. I caressed her hip and she went wild. I moved between her elegantly splayed legs and she immediately threw her legs over my hips. My hands stroked her lovely legs and she groaned loudly.

"You love my legs don't you Baby?" she panted. "Run your hot tongue up and down my legs baby."

I responded by doing just that and traced lines up and down her shapely legs. I held her ankles and I pushed her legs towards her, exposing the backs of her knees. On her My warm breath caressed her as my tongue teased and tantalized the sensitive spot and I knew it drove her wild.

"Oh fuck!," Baby screamed. "That fucking drives me wild. You are getting me so wet."

I placed her legs back upon my shoulders. My hands snaked to her glorious ass. Baby arched her back and brought her hips up off the sofa. I touched and stroked her perfectly formed ass.

"Oh yes Baby, rub my ass, squeeze my butt baby, tease it. Tease me."

Her voice was getting louder, so erotic and so commanding. I held her ankles again and pushed her ass back to the sofa. I pushed her legs up towards her chest, rolling her ass upwards so invitingly. Her magnificence glistened as she grabbed her ankles. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but pure unbridled lust. I leaned into her and passionately kissed her. I pulled away from the kiss and stroked her luscious boobs while she held her most intimate folds wide for my exploration.

"Do me, oh yes, lick me!," she shrieked. "Lick me, lick my fucking hot pussy baby."

Her pussy was delightful in every way imaginable . My face fell and as I exhaled, she moaned. My tongue licked the insides of her thighs and she yelped and screamed. I licked the other side and brought my tongue onto her upturned butt. She bucked wildly as I spread her tight cheeks, I teased her and licked the small, sensitive spot between her ass and her pussy.

"Oh my God, that feels so damned good. Oh yes, don't stop, I love it!"

I softly licked her and teased her mercilessly and finally brought my tongue to her exposed little puckered asshole. My tongue circled her softly, and the softer I went, the harder her reaction.

"My ass loves your hot tongue. Lick me, rim me, fucking stick your hard tongue into my ass!"

I did and she thrust her ass harder against my face and probing tongue. She ground her perfect ass hard against me as she screamed for all she was worth. Her legs tightened around my neck as she worked her hot ass hard onto my face.

Her clit shone wet as her hips thrust against my face. I attacked her moisture laden lips with gusto. She loved it that way and I didn't disappoint.

"Oh fuck yes, suck my clit baby!" she yelped. "Bite my lips, pull them apart. Your tongue, use that hot tongue to make my pussy a mess, baby! Oh, fuck, that feels so good! Lick me, bite me, do me honey! Make me cum, you horny son of a bitch!"

Baby was so vocal and the hotter she got, her volume increased drastically. I purposely withheld any attention to her sweet clit. I had to drive her so far over the edge that I was certain the cops would be called if anyone could hear us.

Her hands grabbed my face and she looked pleadingly, "Now Baby?"


My lips touched her proud nub and her hips flew off the sofa, thrashing and screaming. "Oh you wonderful man! Suck my clit, suck it deep! Lick it, bite it! Oh God, I'm cumming, yes, yes, yes, don't stop baby!"

Her pussy gushed as she flooded my face with her warm, wonderful cum. She threw her legs around my neck and rode my face unmercifully as I continued to lick and suck her clitoris.

I pulled her up, took her hand, and led her to our bedroom, her body convulsing all the way. I playfully pushed her to the bed. She grabbed my arm and pulled me down beside her. Baby came up and drove her tongue deep in my mouth. Her scented flesh molded into me as she held my head and tongue fucked my mouth. Her boobs felt delicious on my chest while her hips and pussy ground on my rock hard cock.

She sank down, her mouth caressing my chest and stomach. Her hands grasped my cock as her hair tickled my hips. She held my cock tight against my stomach as she licked and lavished her mouth on my tight, high balls. She looked me in the eye as she licked her lips lasciviously. I felt her tongue glide up and down the sides of my hard shaft delightfully. Her warm mouth came straight up the center of my dick and her tongue teased my engorged helmet delightfully. Her scalding mouth was delicious as it slid over me and took me completely into her wanton mouth. Her tongue and teeth played enthusiastically, driving me completely wild.

"Every time gets better and better. Your lips are silky soft yet your mouth is on fire." I murmured. "Just don't stop."

Baby continued to push me to the edge and then pull me back repeatedly. Her blowjob skills are world class and she knew it. She teased me constantly but in bed, her teasing became an art form. It was no wonder I always wanted her.

As she pulled me back from the brink yet again, she climbed up to my lips and I felt her body caress me as she positioned herself to ride my hard cock. I felt the wetness of her pink luscious slit as she drew it along my hardness. She arched her hips and sank the tip into her boiling, velvet sheath. She gasped as she fell onto me and kissed me erotically as I filled her fully. This vixen of my wife began to ride me like a rodeo rider and she savored every thrust, ridge, vein and inch. She sat upright as I massaged her glorious orbs while her hips gyrated wildly.

"Fuck me baby, fuck my hot pussy! Don't stop, yes, yes, yes, I love the feel of your cock filling my pussy. OH YES baby! Drive it deep into my hot cunt!" Baby screamed. "I'm gonna cum on your cock baby! I'm gonna cum so hard. Stab me with that hot cock! Don't stop, Oh, shit, don't stop you fucker! My clit is loving this sweetie!"

My cock expanded with every shriek and she rode me for all she was worth. Every pinch of her nipples brought another shriek which only made her ride harder.

"I'm cumming, Oh fuck, I'm cumming! Fuck me harder! Give it to me deeper and deeper! OH YES, fuck me faster and let me soak your hot fucking cock!" she wailed.

Her body convulsed as she threw her face onto mine and kissed me so deeply while her pussy rocked incredibly hard onto me. Her orgasms spasmed for minutes and her kisses became more loving as she calmed. I held her close as her breathing became normal once again. Our kisses became tender. Her shrieks became soft subtle moans and her world was good.

We took a break, I lit her another joint, handed it to her and I went to the kitchen and poured us a few more drinks. I came back and she was sitting on our bed, leaning back against a pile of her pillows smoking the joint that I gave her. I set her drink on her nightstand and leaned over her to kiss her. She let some smoke that she had in her mouth fill mine too. We kissed full again. I pulled away and stood back to look at her.

Baby asked me as I stood looking down at her.

"Just looking. Admiring really." I said as I looked at her leaning back on her pillows, naked. Baby's big boobs were draped off to each side of her chest and she had her legs together stretched out in front of her on top of the comforter.

Baby blushed and reached back with both hands and pushed her boobs up and together, showing them to me. I was staring at her boobs as I took a hit from her joint, putting it on her nightstand. I stood back up and looked at my wife as she still had her boobs pressed together for me and now, she slowly opened her legs letting them fall open for me.

"Do you want in there again? She blushed again.

While her blush began to fade, my hands stroked the insides of her thighs. She purred as she enjoyed my touch. I moved to the end of our bed, crawled on and then slid up between her hips and kissed her warmly. My hands grasp her ankles and I opened her legs wide. I held her apart and kissed the insides of her knees. She shrieked and moaned as my tongue tickled her deliciously. My tongue ran up and began to kiss her perfect ass.

"Oh Baby, lick me, lick my ass! You know how much I love it! I want you in my ass Baby!"

Her pleadings encouraged me and I complied with gusto. I pushed her legs outward and up towards her chest, exposing her completely. Baby dropped her boobs and reached down and back to spread her cheeks allowing me full access to her sweet ass. My tongue swirled around her tightness and she yelled and screamed in ecstasy as I gave her exactly what she craved. When I hit her sweet sensitive ass, she pushed hard against my tongue.

"Tongue fuck me Baby! Stick your hot tongue up my ass! I need you to do me and make me cum so hard. I love your tongue darling, Fuck me!..........Fuck my ass baby!"

I did my best to drive her wild and apparently I succeeded. She rode my face frantically and she came massively, soaking my face completely. I rolled her higher and she grabbed her legs as I placed my cock at the entrance to her hot, wanton ass.

I stopped, as much as she was asking me to fuck her ass, I needed to make sure that both her ass and my cock was lubed up enough. I reached over and retrieved a bottle of ana lube that we kept in the mountains. I covered my cock and then covered her butthole with the slippery lube.

"Push that cock of your's into my ass."
Baby called out as I was back between her legs and pushed them back up again.

"OH FUCK YES! Fuck my hot ass you son of a bitch! Fill my ass with your sweet cock! I want to feel all of it inside me! Fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Don't stop! Stick your cock hard inside me!"

I moved in and pushed my lubed cock into her well lubed asshole. Even lubed up my cock went in slowly and we felt her pop over the head of my cock.

"OOOOOOoooooooohhhhhhhh........FFFFFFfffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk." Baby screamed out as it pushed into her ass.

"Fuck my ass baby! Fuck my tight, hot hole! I love your cock in my ass!"

"You wanted my asshole........Now take it."

The few other times that she had given me her ass we were in doggy position and I could not see Baby's face. Now I was in her ass and looking at her face. Baby was looking up at me, her arms were outside of her legs and she gripped the backside of each calf at the top where they met the back of her knees. She would lift her head up and look down pass her boobs, between her legs and look at me as I pushed in and out of her butt. She would hold that for a few strokes then let her head fall back on the bed. She did that a few times saying, "OOOhhh FFFuucckkk me, Fuck my butt."

I reached down and opened her exposed lower lips with my thumb and middle finger. I used my first finger to find and just press on her clit.

"OOOhhh FFFffffuuuuckkkk." OHhhhhhh FFFuuuccckkk." Was all that she could call out.

I'm cumming! OH Fuck, I'm cumming!" she screeched.

The tightness of her ass, the wailing of her voice and the heat of her body engorged me fully and I breathlessly flooded her ass with my own hot cum. I felt her ass clamp on me as my cock shot spurt after spurt into her wonderful tight ass.

"Oh baby, that was so good. I felt every bit of that before it left your cock. What a delicious feeling as your spunk travels along your cock and empties into me. I cannot get enough of you."
she cooed.

She fell asleep wrapped in my arms, my hands full of her boobs and we slept late on Saturday.